Finest Flavors: Top Indian Restaurants in Brampton

Brampton’s rich cultural tapestry is beautifully woven with a vibrant culinary scene, especially when it comes to Indian cuisine. Whether you’re craving aromatic spices, mouth-watering curries, or delectable sweets, Brampton’s Indian restaurants offer an exquisite journey through India’s diverse culinary heritage.

In this blog, we embark on a flavorful adventure, exploring the top 5 Indian restaurants that stand out in Brampton’s dining landscape.

1. Dosa Dosa

Located at 249 Queen St E, Dosa Dosa is a gastronomic haven renowned for its authentic South Indian cuisine. With a menu boasting a variety of dosas, idlis, and tantalizing chutneys, this spot offers a delightful taste of the South.

2. Doaba Sweets & Restaurant

Nestled at 305 Charolais Blvd, Doaba Sweets & Restaurant is a go-to destination for those with a sweet tooth and a craving for savouries. Their extensive menu of traditional sweets and sumptuous North Indian dishes makes it a culinary gem in Brampton.

3. Rajdhani Indian Sweets & Restaurant

Rajdhani Indian Sweets & Restaurant, located at 60 Biscayne Crescent, is a paradise for those who relish authentic Indian sweets and savouries. Their delectable array of sweets and multi-cuisine menu offers a wholesome dining experience.

4. Indias Taste Brampton

Situated at 900 Ray Lawson Blvd Unit #16, Indias Taste Brampton tantalizes taste buds with its array of aromatic curries and tandoori delights. Their commitment to authenticity and flavoursome dishes sets them apart.

5. Indian Sweet Master

Found at 503 Ray Lawson Boulevard, Indian Sweet Master is a haven for anyone with a penchant for delightful Indian sweets and savoury snacks. Their wide range of delectable offerings caters to every taste preference.

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  • Dosa Dosa 

Location: 249 Queen St E, Brampton, ON L6W 2B8


Dosa Dosa out view
Dosa Dosa out view

I was initially hesitant due to previous experiences, but I’m glad to note the remarkable improvements at this establishment.

To kick off our culinary journey, we opted for the Mini Idli as starters (bear in mind their petite size, perfect for sharing between two). The Onion Idli was a pleasant surprise, perfectly cooked and an uncommon yet delightful choice in its taste and texture 😋.


The attention to food presentation was commendable. For our mains, we relished the Ghee Roast Rava Masala Dosa and Mysore Uthappam, both packed with delectable flavours. A crucial aspect of any South Indian restaurant is their “Sambhar,” and theirs was truly exceptional. However, the Masala Chai, a customary ending to our meal, was overly sweet and could benefit from a tweak by serving sugar separately.

If you’re an enthusiast of South Indian cuisine, I strongly recommend giving this place a chance. You’ll find their offerings truly satisfying and a perfect choice to satiate your cravings.


  • Doaba Sweets & Restaurant 

Location: 305 Charolais Blvd #11, Brampton, ON L6Y 2R2


doaba sweets restaurant
doaba sweets restaurant

One of the top restaurants that consistently stands out and holds a special place among my favourites. Every visit to this establishment guarantees a clean and inviting ambiance. The quality of their food and service is consistently remarkable. I must extend my gratitude to Tarn, whose exceptional service and pleasant demeanour added to the overall positive experience. Kudos to both the owner and Tarn for their commendable efforts.

For vegetarians, the Top Indian Restaurants in Brampton offer an array of choices such as Veg Thali and delectable sweets.

Additionally, ample parking availability is a significant plus, ensuring convenience and ease when visiting this restaurant.


  • Rajdhani Indian Sweets & Restaurant 

Location: 60 Biscayne Crescent Brampton, ON L6W 4S1 Canada


Rajdhani Sweets
Rajdhani Sweets

This Indian vegetarian restaurant stands out for its exceptional food quality and incredibly reasonable prices. Undoubtedly, it holds the top spot among Indian vegetarian eateries in terms of both food and affordability – truly unbelievable!

While their desserts are notably good, our experience with the chana bhaturas left room for improvement. However, the pao bhaaji was a satisfying choice.

The Top Indian Restaurants in Brampton boast excellent service, displaying warmth and friendliness, and going the extra mile to ensure a pleasant dining experience. Their kadi rice stands out as a must-try dish – delightfully tangy and flavourful.

It’s an ideal spot for post-Costco shopping, offering a respite with its delectable offerings. I strongly recommend this place to anyone seeking top-notch Indian vegetarian cuisine coupled with exceptional value.

  •  Indias Taste Brampton 

Location: 900 Ray Lawson Blvd Unit # 16, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H7 Canada


Indias Taste Brampton
Indias Taste Brampton

Indians Taste is an absolute gem in the culinary landscape! With a delightful array of offerings, this restaurant truly captivates the essence of authentic Indian cuisine.

Their Chicken Biryani, priced at an affordable $18, is an absolute must-try. The fragrant rice layered with tender chicken and aromatic spices creates a symphony of flavours that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy.

The Butter Chicken, priced at a reasonable $14, is a true highlight on their menu. The rich and creamy tomato-based sauce perfectly coats the succulent chicken, delivering a taste that is both comforting and indulgent.

For those seeking a tangy and refreshing option, the Chaat Papri at $8.99 is a delightful choice. The crispy crackers topped with vibrant chutneys, yogurt, and spices offer a burst of flavours that tantalize the palate.


  • Indian Sweet Master   

Location: 503 Ray Lawson Boulevard Suite 7 Brampton, ON L6Y 3T8 Canada


Indian Sweet Master
Indian Sweet Master

This restaurant review makes it a Top Indian Restaurants in Brampton and undoubtedly stands out as one of the finest places for authentic Indian cuisine in Brampton. Our order of the full veg Thali, generously portioned for 3-4 people, was an absolute delight. The Golgappa was a highlight, boasting incredible taste and flavour.

Komal, who handled our service, deserves commendation for her professionalism, sweetness, and excellent mannerisms. Her dedication truly added to our dining experience.

Moreover, the surprise birthday dessert they presented was a delightful gesture and greatly appreciated. Overall, I’d rate every aspect of this dining experience a perfect 10 out of 10.

From the delectable food offerings to the exceptional service, this restaurant comes under the Top Indian Restaurants in Brampton and excels in providing a top-notch culinary experience. It’s a place that not only satisfies taste buds but also values customer service, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a memorable dining experience.

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A2: Research local property listings, engage with real estate agents, attend property auctions, and conduct thorough due diligence to find the best commercial property for your investment goals in Brampton.

Q3: What types of commercial properties are available for investment in Brampton?

A3: Top Indian Restaurants in Brampton offers various types of commercial properties including retail spaces, office buildings, industrial warehouses, mixed-use developments, and land for development, catering to different investment preferences.

Q4: What factors should I consider before investing in commercial real estate in Brampton?

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